The highway to success is paved with failure and rejection

by David on February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012:

One of my favorite quotes is by Thomas Edison. When asked what it felt like to have failed ten thousand times to invent the light bulb, he said, I have not failed ten thousand times, I’ve simply discovered ten thousand ways that will not work.

And then there’s well-known psychologist, Dr. Albert Ellis, who, to get over his fear of rejection, asked two hundred women for a date during a two week period. All but one turned him down, and she failed to show up! Although he didn’t get a date, he conquered his fear of rejection and eventually became an expert on romance and dating.

Go for No by Richard Fenton and Andre Waltz is a story that explains how the highway to success is paved with failure and rejection, and that we must embrace it and seek it as Edison and Ellis did.

As with many other bits of wisdom that I’ve ever so slowly accumulated, I wish I’d have known this when I was younger. I took failure and rejection way too hard, and was ultimately crippled by the everyday snubs and disappointments that, I failed to realize, everyone must endure.

This book is especially helpful for salespeople who are told, counter-intuitively, to seek a quota of “no’s” rather than “yeses” in order to succeed. But this strategy can benefit anyone seeking a job, trying to improve a skill, or improve just about any area of life.

Running Away From Me.

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